Publishes Money-Saving Guide on Motorcycle Insurance

Oct 7th, 2011 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Motorcycle insurance is most essential for riders across the USA. One of the country’s leading online insurance services,, recently released a money-saving guide for motorcycle owners aimed at helping them save on escalating insurance costs. According to David, manager of, some people avoid motorcycle insurance, which is one of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make. There are several ways to find affordable insurance and remain fully protected from any financial disaster in the event of an accident, where out of pocket expenses could become a problem to deal with. David says, “Some people ignore the importance of motorcycle insurance due to lack of sufficient thought and the failure to foresee the consequences. Today we have a number of providers in a market that is very competitive. This is a major plus point since insurance providers do their best to attract new customers and retain old ones with special offers and discounts”

When asked about ways in which owners could reduce their motorcycle insurance bill David said, “There are so many ways but in brief, the first thing is to maintain a good riding record with no speeding tickets and involvement in accidents. This will put you in the low risk category with your insurance provider. Another way is to pay a higher deductible that you can afford and lower your insurance bill even further. It is equally important to avoid making claims for minor problems if you can afford to pay out of your own pocket. This will make you eligible for the no-claims bonus every year when you renew your motorcycle insurance policy.”

The guide highlights a number of other areas where motorcycle owners can cut costs on insurance. For the most part, an insurance policy will cover medical costs, physical damages, and even pay for damage to accessories in some cases. David adds, “Undoubtedly, motorcycles aren’t as safe as cars, which is why insurance is very important. Wearing a helmet does not protect you fully. All it takes is a bit of research and comparison of quotes from various insurance providers to get the best deal.”

The guide also points out important factors that motorcycle owners must share with their insurance company. Those who ride less frequently and clock less miles must bring it to the notice of their insurance provider who may then automatically offer discounts. All those who seek to reduce their motorcycle insurance bills ought to shop around for the best prices online.


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