Tips to Save Money on Life Insurance

Oct 12th, 2009 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

The very word, life insurance, is self explanatory. “Our prime objective is to safeguard our lives and that of our family, by making a financial provision for them following our death”, founder of stated. Of all the various kinds of insurance in the market, life insurance is the most important. The benefits that you can derive are worth every penny you invest. Insurance industries compete with each other for a niche in the market and offer a variety of discounts. Like any other insurance, you need to pay a premium on life insurance too. You also have to meet various financial commitments and therefore need to set aside enough money to meet all these obligations. However, with a little bit of effort you can save money on your life insurance premium. The good news is that premiums have dropped over the past decade, and are expected to drop even further.

A new article offers following these tips that will help you to save on life insurance:

Calculate the long term needs of your family

Prior to purchasing life insurance, you need to have an idea of how much it would cost to cover all the expenses of your spouse until retirement, and children until their adulthood. There are plenty of online calculators available to help you figure out your needs. Once you have an idea about how much you need, choosing the appropriate life insurance will be much easier. You don’t need to spend too much on a premium that is not required.

Shop online for quotes

Most insurance companies offer online quotes. The idea is to get as many quotes as possible and shortlist a few that fit within your budget. There is a competitive market out there so make the most of it. However, don’t just settle for the lowest premium, since the credibility of the insurance company is as important.

Term-life vs. cash life

Term life coves the risk of death during a year, and is a temporary insurance. In effect, term life insurance does not have any cash value. Nominees will receive the insured amount in case of death of the policy holder during the year. This is ideal for the average person, where coverage diminishes, as you get closer to retirement. Cash value policies on the other hand are more geared towards wealthy individuals. Therefore, in order to save money a term-life policy is a better option.

Go it alone

Purchasing life insurance on your own will help you cut down on commissions you need to pay to a financial planner. The better options are to buy life insurance directly from the company or through a commission-based financial planner.

Early birds can save money

Life insurance becomes more expensive with age. It is therefore advisable to buy life insurance as early as possible in order to pay a lower premium. Some companies offer a lock-in period where the premium remains the same throughout the term of the policy.

Health is wealth

Life insurance costs more for those with certain ailments. If you are in good health, you will benefit with a lower premium. So make sure you stay healthy and kick any bad habits you may have.

Remember that life insurance is the greatest gift you can give to your parents, your spouse, and your children. Their future may depend on it. So go ahead, and get your life insurance policy today.


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