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A Brief Disability Insurance Guide

Oct 31st, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

Disability Insurance in recent times has found many takers in the market. Before we highlight the various factors to be taken into consideration while availing of disability insurance we first need to understand what the insurance policies under the category of disability insurance actually entail? Disability Insurance is a kind of insurance in which the […]

About 10% of all U.S. insurance professionals work in California

Oct 27th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

(IFAwebnews) – About one-in-10 insurance professionals works in California, the most of any state, according to a new report. Property-casualty insurers provided 297,431 California jobs in 2008, or more than 10% of the nation’s insurance workforce. California insurance jobs accounted for $20.7 billion in compensation, according to a new Insurance Information Institute report. Meanwhile, the […]

Government Health Insurance Now for Middle Class Children as Well

Oct 11th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

(The Money Times) – Government health insurance benefits for children are no longer limited to those below the poverty line. Now the middle class families, struggling through the recession, can benefit as well. During recession the jobless rate rises. As the number of insured adults is relatively low, this came as great news. “To a […]

The Basic Tips on Making a Home Insurance Claim

Oct 7th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

It is not a very difficult job to fill a home insurance claim. However it is not easy either as you can lose thousands of dollars if you fail to fill it properly. If you want to get the best home insurance, you should definitely know how to file a successful claim. In this article […]

Homeowner Insurance Exclusions: That’s Not Covered in Your Policy

Oct 4th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

Home insurance is not a legal obligation. However, many times it is a great thing to have on your side as the risks are increasing every year for home owners. The coverage of the home insurance policy is very important. This is because you want to know exactly which the risks covered are. Any home […]