Some Tips For Auto Insurance In Case Of Collision

May 19th, 2010 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Insurance are usually known to “serve and protect” those who have decided to conclude insurance policies in no matter what aspect of their life. The same purpose is conferred to the auto insurance policy: it has to financially come to your rescue when you have the misfortune of getting your car damaged in an accident.

Once you set your mind on checking out the car insurance policy one tip is to make sure of having a hitch free claim process, in this way you are enabled to get the payout that you need. To do this you will have to perform some steps at the scene of the accidents. Depending on their execution that will draw the way the collision occurred, you will have the chance to claim for a hassle free process.

The collision of your car is not a thing that is desired to happen, but if so, in this case you should consider yourself lucky to be alive. You have to bear in your mind that a car is a car and as many other things it can be fixed or replaced; and besides there is this car insurance policy to cover for your loss, therefore the car being damaged should be the least of your concerns.

A tip that is useful to consider in case of a collision is to make sure first that the passengers who were with in the car at the moment of collision are not injured. On contrary, if you notice that there is someone hurt do call the ambulance without touching or moving the injured person. In the happy situation of no one being hurt, you should perform some steps in order to be sure that your claiming process will end up successfully.

These tips are meant to help you in this respect. First you have to write down every detail that can describe the collision, such as taking note of the registration numbers of other vehicle which might have been involved in the accident as well as name or names of the drivers involved. Next you will need to write down the names of the existing witnesses and their contact details. In case the accident was way too serious, then the presence of police will be required at the scene of the accident.

When police officers arrive and you feel yourself well enough, ensure to take all their badge numbers, names and number of their precinct. Think of the range of your cover you have signed for once you have concluded a auto insurance policy and depending on that you should call the insurance company to be sure they have someone sent to the scene of the collision.

In case this doesn’t happen, then it is up to you to register every detail as accurate as possible for a potential re-enactment for the insurance company. This will help you recollect exactly the information required in drawing the diagram of the collision in the future time.

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