Short-Term Car Insurance: How to Find The Best Deals

Dec 24th, 2010 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Short term car insurance is a temporary car insurance coverage. It only offers coverage for a short time period. It is suitable for people that seldom drive their cars. If you are going outstation and be back for several months, you can get a short term car insurance. The advantage of short term car insurance is that you can renew it several times without any problem. The application process is less complicated compare to standard car insurance. 

Short term car insurance protects the car from all kinds of risks, just like standard car insurance. Some of the risks that are covered in a short term car insurance include liability, underinsured coverage, bodily injuries, damages on personal properties and etc.  With short term car insurance, you and your passengers will get medical payment coverage from the insurance company. Many short term car insurance also offers coverage for tow truck assistance.

It meets with the minimum requirements set by the state motor vehicle department. The premium is settled monthly and can be paid in advance. You can choose to settle the premium in full. If you settle the premium in full, you don’t have to make payment for the monthly installments. You save more money when you settle the premiums in advance.

To find the best deals, you can ask your insurance agent to help you. Your insurance agent is knowledgeable in this field. He knows how to perform extensive research and locate a short term car insurance that meets your needs. You must provide accurate information for your insurance agent so that he can find the best short term car insurance deals. If you hire an insurance agent, he can negotiate the premium rate with the insurance company and help you to save money in the long term.

If you don’t have an insurance agent, you can perform research yourself. You can take advantage of the insurance search engine to find a short term insurance coverage that meets your needs. You must keep in mind that the rates of the insurance coverage depend on several factors including driving records, credit score and etc. You must have good driving records before applying for the coverage. You should find an insurance coverage that offers the most benefits. The premium of the auto insurance must be affordable. You can fill in the fields of the online surveys to get estimated quotes. You must never lie and provide false personal information. If you provide false personal information, the insurance company will find out and deny you coverage.

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