Why Car Insurance For Hybrid Vehicles Can Be Expensive

Sep 15th, 2011 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

There are so many benefits of owning a hybrid vehicle, especially when it comes to saving on fuel bills and protecting the environment as well. The number of hybrid vehicle owners could be much higher. However, many refrain from buying these vehicles due to the high cost of insurance. For the most part, hybrid car insurance is significantly costlier than the cost of coverage for other vehicles. One of the main reasons why there is a difference is that insurance premiums are based on the cost of the car. Hybrid vehicles are costlier; therefore, insurance premiums tend to rise.

Another reason that influences the cost of hybrid car insurance is the fact that owners are more likely to be on the road due to savings on fuel and generally tend to clock more miles. This would include even short trips. For insurance providers, this puts hybrid owners in the high risk category. Most owners live in urban areas and are vulnerable to accidents due to the increased flow of traffic and extra time spent driving through gridlocks. Drivers tend to become more aggressive when commuting through high traffic and are therefore vulnerable to accidents, which has a great impact on the insurance premium.

Hybrid cars are still new to the market and required mechanics to have specialized skills while spares are costlier too. A qualified mechanic may not be accessible for miles in the case of a breakdown or accident, which is why insurance companies pass on the extra costs to hybrid car owners. Repairs are costlier too. Service centers and garages need to install special equipment to deal with repairs and replacements and pass on the added costs to the consumer, thereby influencing the rate of hybrid car insurance once again. In addition, insurance companies end up having to pay a large sum for repairs, replacements, theft, and any claims made by the owner. Therefore, these companies prefer to charge a higher premium in order to recover costs.

Although hybrid car insurance is undeniably costlier than traditional car insurance, there are several ways that owners can reduce their insurance bills. To begin with, there are a few models of hybrid vehicles that attract a lower premium as compared to others. The key is to shop around and compare quotes from various insurance providers. Some providers offer discounts purely for the fact that the vehicle is eco-friendly. However, there are several other factors including the safe equipment installed, good driving record, higher deductibles, and more.

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