N.C. Department of Insurance OKs hike in mobile home rates

Jul 31st, 2008 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

The state’s insurers will be able to increase rates for mobile home insurance, though not as much as they’d hoped, the North Carolina Department of Insurance said Friday.

The hikes, which go into effect Dec. 1, are the first ones approved in the state in more than a quarter-century.

They also vary by area. The increases are much lower in the Triangle and areas west than they are on the coast, where wind and severe weather puts mobile homes at greater risk.

For one type of insurance, MH(C), rates will be increased by 24.4 percent for 18 coastal counties. But they’ll go up by only 2.9 percent elsewhere in the state, including in the Triangle. Insurers had sought hikes of 228 percent at the coast and 10.7 percent in the other 82 counties.

For the other type of mobile home insurance, MH(F), rates will go up by 25 percent on the coast and will remain unchanged elsewhere. Insurers wanted increases of 260 percent on the coast and 2.9 percent elsewhere.

The two types of mobile home insurance vary slightly in what they cover.

Insurers collected $121 million in premiums for mobile home insurance in 2006, the Insurance Department says. There were 17 companies writing mobile home policies in North Carolina in 2004, the most recent year for which data is available, according to department spokesperson Chrissy Pearson.

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