How Much Teachers Can Get Car Insurance Discounts?

Dec 10th, 2010 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Teachers often get discounts for their auto insurance premiums. Many insurance companies reward teachers with low premium rate because they have good driving habits. Every year, insurance companies will do research on the risk level of drivers that hold different occupations. The survey consistently shows that educators such as teachers and professors are low risk drivers. Typically, low risk driver seldom get involved in vehicle collision. They don’t have bad driving habits such as driving under influences of drug and alcohol. Survey shows that teachers drive their cars according to the allowed speed limit of the highway. There is rarely a case where teachers speed their cars on the motorway. The good driving habit of teachers may be attributed to their good leadership skills.

The amounts of discount teachers can get vary from different insurance companies. Most insurance providers offer 10% – 15% discount on premium rates for teachers. You have to prove that you are a teacher before you can take advantage of the premium discount.  You can search for insurance plan that is designed specifically for teachers.

Though teachers can take advantage of premium discount, the insurance company will determine the actual premium rate based on several factors. Some factors that are used by insurance company to determine the premium rate including age, driving record, credit rating, and etc. If you are a young teacher and aged under 25 years old, you have to pay a higher premium rate.  Teachers with bad driving record will not be qualified for premium discount. Many insurance companies check credit ratings of applicants before approving the insurance coverage. Your credit rating must be good in order to get discount. Teachers with excellent credit ratings can get the highest discounts.

Not all insurance companies offer discount for teachers. You have to do research on the internet to find out which insurance companies are offering discounts. The insurance search engine is a great online tool you can use to perform quote comparison between different insurance carriers. You can fill in your personal information in the quote request online form to get an estimate auto insurance quote. If you want an accurate quote, you can call the customer service of the insurance provider. Before applying auto insurance, you should always get advice from your insurance agent. The insurance agent will conduct a thorough research and help you to choose an insurance plan that best suits your needs.

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