Importance of Proof of Car Insurance Card

Mar 7th, 2011 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Car napping and other vehicle related crimes have been a rampant issue in the society. This is the reason why law enforcement officers assure that drivers possess their proof of car insurance card always. The auto insurance card comprises of significant personal data, car’s information policy number, vehicle model and coverage dates.

Car insurance card signals that the car is insured. It becomes an evidence of the insurance guideline acquired by the vehicle owner. The identity of owner, policy of insurance and expiration date is shown in the card. The automobile insurance card also serves as a protection; a tool to cover the charges when driver meets an accident or any injury. The person can also obtain reimbursements for vehicle damages and accept compensation from the labor hours mislaid from the harm caused. The information in the car insurance card is necessary in cases the traffic officers question the car driver of some data. Proper authorities ask the drivers for their proof of car insurance card to also check for the vehicle’s auto insurance coverage. The card can also be used as substitute for identification card presented for different purposes. A car insurance card denotes that the individual owns the vehicle and updated. Automobile insurance card is also used as armor against theft or car. Obtaining a proof of car insurance card is more convenient as it can be done online. Choosing insurance coverage online is quicker since it includes basic steps. The client may enter the website and contrast quotes from selected insurance companies. A preliminary payment is made to effectively have a purchase of the insurance standards. After which, the proof of auto insurance card is printed as confirmation of accountability coverage. The rationale of the printed file is to gratify legal responsibility in aspects for referral of guiding principles in any uncertainty. In some states, the proof of car insurance card is mandatory by the Department of Motor Vehicles needed for vehicle transactions and measures. The card is essential for renewal of automobile registration and license application. The proof of insurance card is also useful in acquiring a recent vehicle with loan. The bank responsible for loaning shall necessitate for the latest car obtained be covered with comprehensive coverage and coverage for accidents besides the current state requirements. Comprehensive coverage pertains to circumstances which are related to natural calamities, thievery and other forms of unrelated accidents. The featured coverages certify that car damages will be fixed in a way that bank is not left broke. In connection with this, the purchaser shall present the vehicle insurance guideline through the proof of car insurance card.   Besides the online option for purchasing the insurance card, the company can mail the proof of insurance card too.  The consumer must be knowledgeable of the insurance policy and insurance coverage in either way the card was acquired.

Thus, it is a car owner and driver’s personal duty to adhere with the rules and regulations in the highway. Safety and security is part of a client’s hierarchy of needs and therefore should be valued. We cannot predict happenings in the highway or elsewhere so a proof of car insurance card functions as our weapon wherever we go.

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