What Are the Auto Insurance Requirements for Connecticut?

Apr 21st, 2011 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles requires vehicle owners to have liability insurance. Accidents can happen at any time. This is why you need to get sufficient auto insurance coverage. If you don’t have coverage, you will end up paying an enormous bill. If the third party is unhappy, he may sue you and bring the case to the court. With auto insurance, you can be assured that all the costs are already paid on your behalf. The requirement for a single bodily coverage is $20,000 while the requirement for an accident that involves more than one person is $40,000. The minimum coverage you have to buy for property damage insurance is $10,000.

If you are a resident of Connecticut, you only have one option to fulfill the financial responsibility. The only option you have is to purchase liability insurance. You should not just fulfill the basic requirement of the DMV. You should buy more than the minimum coverage so that you won’t end up wrecking your savings account. You can buy uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect yourself from financial crisis. When you buy more insurance, you will get extra protection. It is important that you check the rates of different insurance companies so that you can save money. You can get quotes by filling in the quote request form in the insurance sites. Alternatively, you can call the telephone numbers to request for a quote.

It is important that you don’t let your insurance policy lapse. If your insurance policy lapse, your insurance provider will notify the Department of Motor Vehicle. On some occasions, the law enforcement officer will ask you for the insurance proof. When you are asked to provide insurance proof, you must show your insurance identification card. You also must show the declaration page of the insurance policy. The insurance proof must be kept in the vehicle all the time.

If you have no insurance proof, the insurance company will report you immediately. As a result, the state will issue a warning notice. In the warning notice, there is a detailed instruction on what need to be done. You must respond promptly and provide the consent agreement. Besides, you have to make payment for penalty fee which worth $200. You must respond to the letter within 30 days. If you did not respond to the letter, you will receive a suspension notice. After you receive the suspension notice, you have to request for a hearing. Your penalties depend on the outcome of the hearing. Once your vehicle registration is suspended, your vehicle registration cannot be renewed anymore.

When shopping for insurance, you should consider using the insurance quote search engine. With the help of the insurance quote search engine, you can compare the rates and find a provider that is reliable and affordable. There are many sites that give you estimate quote if you fill in your information in the survey. If you want exact quote, you should call the insurance company and talk to the customer representative.

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