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College Degree Linked to Health Insurance

Jun 19th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

(UPI) – Earning a college degree may make the difference for women in getting health insurance, compared to those with a high-school degree, U.S. researchers said. Lead author Roberta Wyn of the University of California, Los Angeles, said the study found women without a high-school diploma were nearly four times more likely to be uninsured […]

46 Million Americans Lack Health Insurance Coverage

Jun 18th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

(HealthcareDigital) – Issues in health care coverage attributed to unemployment, lack of education. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released two reports conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) on the nation’s health insurance coverage. The reports revealed some staggering numbers, the biggest being that 46.3 Americans are uninsured, a figure that […]

Health Insurance Reform Stirs Passion

Feb 26th, 2010 | Category: Insurance Today

(OfficialWire) – You can agree to reform the U.S. health insurance system or you don’t; you can’t have it both ways, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday. During a bipartisan summit about healthcare reform, including changes to the health insurance industry that were in Democratic bills and an outline offered by President Barack Obama, Republicans […]

House and Senate Have Ways to Go Before Health Insurance Deal is Done

Dec 26th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

(FoxNews) – Thursday’s vote for a massive health insurance overhaul was a legislative victory for Democrats whose faces lit up after the morning roll call with a sense of accomplishment as well as a rush to get home in time for Christmas. But lawmakers will face several challenges ahead before wrapping up the bill that […]

Republicans Look for Mechanisms to Halt Health Insurance Bill

Dec 24th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

(FoxNews) – The Senate battle may be over for now, but Republicans are vowing the war is not won quite yet. Congress may be gone for several weeks enjoying a winter holiday, but Republicans have vowed to keep up the pressure on Democrats who succeeded in getting their Senate health insurance overhaul bill passed before […]

Historic Expansion of Health Insurance Coverage Cedes Control to Medical/Insurance Industries

Dec 24th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

(PRNewswire) – The U.S. Senate bill’s historic expansion of health care coverage cedes control of a much greater portion of the health care system to the medical and insurance industries. This sweeping legislative act creates a responsibility for federal and state governments to monitor and police these industries and fix failures as they occur. For […]

Family Health Insurance – All You Need To Know

Dec 2nd, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

Health insurance is extremely important when it comes to your well-being, as well as the well-being of your family. Good health is vital, and there comes a time when everybody will eventually need a doctor, medication, or maybe even a trip to the emergency room. Without health insurance you may see medical bills piling up […]

State’s Low-Income Health Insurance Expansion Begins

Jul 15th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

MADISON, Wis. – Uninsured low-income adults in Wisconsin with no dependent children can now receive benefits under an expanded state health insurance program. The BadgerCare Plus Core Plan covers primary and preventive care along with generic drugs for those qualifying adults. Wednesday marked the first day benefits could be received.

Health Insurance Options in a Tough Economy

Apr 14th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

In the last four months, 2.6 million jobs have disappeared from the American economy. About half the people who held those jobs also lost their health insurance. But a job loss doesn’t have to mean a loss of insurance coverage, too. A provision in the recently passed economic stimulus bill makes health insurance significantly more […]

Toward Health Insurance Reform

Mar 20th, 2009 | Category: Insurance Today

In 1990 the U.S. League of Women Voters undertook a two-year study of funding and delivery of health care. A key conclusion reads, “The position calls for a national health insurance plan financed through general taxes, commonly known as the ‘single-payer’ approach.” With all the health plans recently put forward, it’s a wonder anyone can […]