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Cancer Insurance

Almost everyone is aware of the harms of cancer diseases. Cancer, which is caused by the enhancement of various types of tissues and cells, is a very fatal disease. The cells because of which cancer is caused are present in everyone’s body. Therefore, ideally no one is immune to this disease.

These days, every type of cancer is curable, but the problem is that its treatment demands a large chunk of money which is indeed very difficult to arrange especially in today’s time of recession when everyone has been battered financially. As the name suggests, cancer insurance is incepted for people who want to be on the safe side by arranging for their expenses, if because of hard luck they get caught by the disease of cancer.

Benefits of Cancer Insurance

- The very first benefit of this insurance is that it provides full coverage to the patient in case the patient requires any of the most expensive cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation treatment or any other experimental treatment.

- Apart from the treatment expenses, cancer insurance provides full coverage to various kinds of overhead expenses that are incurred in the treatment. These include transportation and lodging expenses, full time nursing expenses even if the patient has procured any kind of nursing facility privately, ambulance expenses and any other such expenses which just add on to the bills of the treatment. In case of transportation and travelling expenses, the patient is eligible for procuring the entire costs of transportation even if the transportation is carried out through airways.

- After the treatment of the disease, if the patient requires any kind of additional surgical procedures such as prosthesis, he is eligible to claim for all of its expenses.

Why Cancer Insurance?

After taking a glance at all this, most of us might think that why to go for such kind of insurance if we already have so many health insurance plans available in the market? Well, cancer insurance plans are very different from the traditional health insurance plans. In the former ones the patient is eligible for procuring the entire costs of pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment medication expenses. On the other hand, in the latter ones, the patient can only claim for a percentage of the total treatment expenses which normally varies from 30 to 50 percent of the total expenses, and that too becomes void if the treatment is very expensive.

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