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Health insurance is becoming an asset that the person simply cannot be without, as more and more physicians are requiring that people have this insurance in order to treat them. Plus, the cost of medical care is rising and for those that ever need this, having health insurance to help out with the costs is essential. For those that are healthy, the idea of health insurance may seem like a waste of money, however, if the person should ever become sick, the medical bills can add up to make the person feel the stress and never fully recover. Thus, health insurance is really that backup plan that is needed in order to maintain health.

Health insurance is basically a form of insurance in which a person pays a premium every six months or every month, while also paying a small co pay at the time of service, in exchange, the company that is providing this health insurance is going to pay a fraction of the medical bill that the person has. In most cases, health insurance is held by a government agency or a private or public company that is providing these health care plans.

Health insurance plans can be received in several ways. The most common way in the US is through a person's employer. The money for the plan is directly taken out of the check of the person and put towards this plan. The business finds the companies that will provide the health insurance and in most cases, can get this at a discounted rated since so many people are signing up for their health insurance. Other people purchase health insurance on their own, especially if they are self-employed. Several of the same companies that cater to groups, will also have policies that are meant for individuals. Government health insurance is provided to those that belong to certain groups, such as Medicare or Medicaid. Without insurance, the entire medical bill that the person has falls to that person.

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

There are so many options when it comes to finding a health insurance plan that it can be overwhelming for those that are first starting to look around. They do not want to overpay for their health insurance, yet they want something that is going to provide them with the protection that they need and the financial support that they expect. With that being said, here are some ways in which the person can narrow down their desires in a health insurance plan:

– Look at the health level of you and your family, then decide on the plan that you could afford to pay. For people that have relatively good health, then a higher deductible could lower their out of pocket expense.

– Consider what services that you need and which ones you can do without. Some companies allow the person to pick and choose their services to have a plan that is made just for them, and this can affect the cost in the long run.

The person will want to have a clear understanding of how this health insurance is provided:

– Individual plans are for that one person and can usually be picked to fill the exact needs of that person.

– Family plans cover the entire family.

– Group insurance is usually provided by employers for their employees and can be for the individual or for the entire family.

There are also those medical policies that the person will want to take into consideration when choosing a health insurance plan:

1. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) means that the person has to go to a certain doctor in order for the insurance to cover the treatments that are needed, and sometimes these doctors are only going to do certain procedures since these are what are covered by the insurance

2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is one of the most common types of health insurances that are offered by groups. These are going to require that the person pay a co-pay, while the health insurance covers a certain percentage of all the health care that is required. For example, the person may have to pay twenty or thirty percent of some services while the rest is paid for by the health insurance company.

3. Point of Service (POS) plans are very common as it combined both the PPO and HMO types of insurance. With this plan the person is going to have a certain list of doctors that they will go while paying a co-pay. However, if they decide to go a doctor that is not listed on the plan, the POS plans will still cover this service up to a percentage.

The best advice that someone can be given is to ensure that they choose the health insurance plan based on what it offers, and not on the price of the plan. The idea is to get what you need, and deal with the price for the most protection.

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