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Home insurance is needed whenever buying a home, and is mandatory for those that are purchasing a home through a mortgage. The reason is that this protects the homeowner should something happen so that they are not left homeless. They are also going to find that if someone were to get hurt while on their property that this insurance would kick in to cover expenses. The belongings inside the home are also covered on these polices.

There are several companies that provide home insurance, some of the leading companies in the industry like GMAC, MetLife, Farmers, State Farm, Mercury, Nationwide, Hartford, Allstate and many others.

These companies provide home insurance, condo insurance and renters insurance, thus they can fit the need of anyone and any situation that they may be in.

Types of Home Insurance

There are several types of Home insurance and knowing these types can help you decide just which type is going to benefit you the most:

HO-1 is the basic coverage. This covers damage that is because by fire and lightning, however, this is not a widely used coverage because of the little benefits that it can offer a person.

HO-2 is a coverage that covers windstorms, aircraft, vehicles, vandalism, and riot. There is also the benefit of covering the freezing of the plumbing system and it covers household appliances.

HO-3 is coverage for natural disaster. And this is the most preferred home coverage that people end up getting.

HO-4 provides coverage to those things that are in the house.

HO-6 is specifically for a condo unit, and this is used to provide coverage for those things that the homeowners association is not covering.

HO-8 is for older homes and is meant to replace the cost that it would be if the home was damaged with newer materials.

Why Purchase Condo or Renters Insurance?

When a person lives in a condo or rents a home, they are not responsible for the home itself. Yet, they are going to find that in the event that something happens to the home and their belongings are damaged that they are alone in getting this replaced. An insurance policy for condo owners and renters will help in paying for damages that were caused to their property, including furniture, electronics and the like. They will also find that these policies give them protection should someone get hurt in the property and try to sue them for medical bills.

Condo and Renters Insurance is a basic insurance that the person is going to get however, they are going to be able to determine just what amount of coverage that they need in order to ensure their belongings. People should take into consideration:

- Valuables such as jewelry;

- Clothing, furniture and the like that could get damaged in the event of flood, fire and the like;

- The person should check to make sure that the policy covers all natural disasters, as some policies will limit the coverage in some areas.

Why Use for Home Insurance?

There are several benefits that we offer when a person is looking for home insurance. They will find:

  • Fast and reliable performance;
  • Easy to find home, renters or condo insurance;
  • Tools to compare rates and coverage's;
  • Information that can help in deciding just which home insurance is needed;
  • Searches several home insurance providers within a few seconds;
  • 24 hour access to this information, 7 days a week.

Through, the person can find the best quotes in order to start new insurance for their home or replace an existing policy. We also provide details on what the person can do in order to save money, such as upgrading to a new roof and the like.

Looking insurance quotes for home owners, but you have questions before purchasing home insurance. Learn our buyer's guide to home insurance, start saving today using our free tool.
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