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Dental Insurance

For many people, dental care is usually considered marginal that can be cut when necessary or when the budget does not allow it. This is because in a year, an average of $300 is spent for such. But for some people, especially to those who have dental problems, dental treatment is necessary. It is in this circumstance that they look for alternatives in order to pay for such expenses. This is where dental insurance policies come in. But since we already have something as good as this, even people without immediate dental care necessities can take the opportunity of having a policy. After all, dental care should be done on a regular basis to keep your teeth in shape. The different insurance policies that you may choose from are as follows:

Indemnity Plan

In most insurance policies, the company chooses the dentists or doctors who will oversee all your medical needs as covered by the plan. But when you avail of an indemnity dental insurance policy, you may be able to select a dentist of your choice. The plans that are under this category are usually fee-for-service that comes with co-payment options and certain limitations. This requires you to pay a certain fee for every dental visit, but there is an annual limit for your spending. The dental procedures, however, might have specific coverage details.

Self-Insurance Plan

Like the indemnity plan, a self-insurance plan has specific limitations and coverage on the dental treatments and procedures done per annum. However, in this plan, you are not allowed to choose the dentist who will carry out the dental treatment that you need.

Capitation Plan

A capitation plan indicates that the dentists for your dental treatments posses contracts of payment. This payment contact indicates that the dentists are being paid regardless of your dental treatments or procedures.

Closed Panel Plan

With a closed panel dental insurance policy, your choice of facilities, as well as the dentists available to you is limited. This means that the plan points out which particular group of facilities and doctors are allowed for your dental treatments or procedures.

Direct Reimbursement Plan

This plan is usually used by employers as one of their featured benefits for their employees. For every employee that receives dental treatment, they reimburse the total amount.

Dental Care Service Plan and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Under the dental care service plan, there is a group of dentists under a non-stock organization that provides dental services for a specific price, while under the PPO, dental services can only performed by a group of dentists who can accommodate reduced dental fees.

Features being covered by a dental insurance policy vary and they are priced accordingly. The plan may not match your needs. If this is the case, you will be asked to pay for the difference as an added expense. Cosmetic dental care is usually not included in a typical dental insurance policy as this can be classified as a specialty service. If you are planning to avail of a dental insurance policy and it seems that you might need cosmetic dental care as well, you can always ask the insurance company about the possible inclusion and the corresponding fees.

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