Insure4USA Offers Tips on Protecting Consumers from Health Insurance Scams

Dec 30th, 2011 | By Hot News Reporter | Category: Insurance Today

With the cost of health care and medical treatment escalating, being protected with adequate health insurance is essential. A tough economy compels most individuals to save as much as possible on health insurance. However, in the quest to save money many end up being vulnerable to health insurance scams. One of the USA’s leading online insurance services,, recently published an article for the benefit of consumers on ways to protect themselves from health insurance scams.

Alex, CEO of says, “No one can be blamed for seeking out way to reduce their health insurance bill. Tough times call for tough measures but the important thing is to beware of scams. There are plenty of unscrupulous elements looking to make a fast buck off the vulnerable consumer and when it comes to health insurance this is a serious matter that we cannot afford to fool around with. The costs of being uninsured or underinsured are too high.” Alex moves on to highlight areas that consumers ought to be aware of so that they aren’t shortchanged when it comes to health insurance. The CEO had some sound advice for consumers on ways to avoid health insurance scams. “The golden rule for consumers is to never rush into finding a plan and choosing one that offers the lowest quote. Price should never be the deciding factor when it comes to health insurance or for that matter any type of insurance. The main ploy of scammers is to offer low prices for a limited period only. A legitimate plan will wait for anyone and genuine health insurance providers will never push anyone into buying immediately. Most quotes are valid for a month and more. Therefore, refrain from succumbing to pressure.”

The article also highlights the importance of dealing with a licensed health insurance provider with a good rating. Moreover, the provider must be financially sound and in business for a while. If the name of the provider doesn’t appear among the top then it is time to stay away says Alex. Another tactic that unscrupulous health insurance providers adopt is to use the new health reform act that will come into force only by 2014. That is an issue that needs to be ignored at all costs. Every consumer needs health insurance but that doesn’t mean they need to purchase it right away. The best thing is to let commonsense prevail and find a suitable and affordable health insurance plan from credible providers.

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