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Avoiding Claims on Your Deer and Car Insurance

You may be an animal lover, but when you're not cautious, you'll likely to hit a deer on the road. Car accidents involving deer are common; reports showed that the numbers are growing through the years. Whether you live in the suburbs or regularly driving near deer zones, there are few things that you can do to minimize the risk of hitting a deer. Not having to file a claim on your deer and car insurance will help you manage your expenses.

Be extra alert when darkness starts to fall or when the sun is just about to rise. These are the times when a lot of deer move about. Switch your high-beam lights on when driving in areas where deer are likely to cross. This will help you see the road clearly and avoid collision. Of course you should switch the lights off when closing in with another vehicle from the opposite direction.

Slow down when approaching deer zones or areas rich in vegetation in the night. Deer darts out of the bushes and onto the streets without warning. You'll likely to collide with an animal if you're moving fast and that can cause huge damage, not only to your car or the deer, but also to you and/or your passengers.

Stop when you see a deer. These animals move in groups; if you see one, there are others possibly following behind. It's advisable to remain still and not cause a stir that may cause a scare. Blowing your horn won't help you but might cause the animal to panic and stamp on your car or window.

Lastly, always wear your seatbelt. Despite all the precautionary measures, accidents do happen. It's always important that you secure yourself and the rest of the passengers to avoid extensive damage. If you do hit a deer, make sure to pull over and report the situation to the police even if everything is all right. Depending which state you're in, you may not be required to file a police report.

Deer and car insurance covers damages incurred when you hit a deer. Most comprehensive insurance carries this coverage as a standard feature; make sure that your policy includes this provision. But the coverage can vary; some policies will only cover the damage on the car, while others may also cover injuries. In most cases, you will have to pull a claim from your entire car insurance, especially if there are other damages caused by the accident.

It's important that you have a good understanding of your car insurance coverage. You can get by with basic animal collision coverage as long as you are subscribed to other coverage like personal injuries and property damage. Be aware that animal collision can involve other cars, properties or even life. By ensuring that you have enough coverage other than your deer and auto insurance, you can go about driving without worrying. But this does not mean you should drive recklessly. By being cautious while driving, you avoid accidents and unnecessary inconveniences that go with a car accident.

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