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Burial Insurance for Seniors

Burial insurance for seniors is a simple way for a person to ensure that in the event of their death, their family members and relatives do not have to deal with the expenses of the funeral and burial. Most funeral directors may make the family feel obligated to choose a large, expensive funeral that they may have trouble paying for. A burial insurance sends the funds directly to the funeral home and pays for any other related expenses as well. Seniors can also choose to have a pre-planned burial, so they can choose the funeral arrangements they desire beforehand.

Burial insurance for seniors is of three different types. The first of these is a cash pay-out type. This is where the senior buys the burial insurance for a specified amount of cash. The insurance company then sends this money to the family or loved ones of the senior in the case of his death.

The second type is a pre-payment plan, where the person purchases a burial insurance policy and at the same time chooses what he wants. This plan is paid for according to the cost of the items on that very day.

The third type of burial insurance for seniors is where the senior pays for an insurance program, then chooses the funeral arrangements he would like, but instead of purchasing these beforehand, he sets them aside. The family of the senior will agree to pay the difference of the arrangements depending on the price at the time of the senior’s death and today’s price of the arrangements.

The most important consideration to make when choosing burial insurance for seniors is how much you want to pay for the funeral. Some families spare no expense, while others want a simple funeral. Some policies don’t cover the expenses required for the ministers or caterers, and if this is the case the family needs to pay for these separately.

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