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Be Prepared for the Unexpected: Buyers Guide to Burial Insurance

Just thinking of how you would look at your funeral seems pretty scary and morbid. Most people might not want to do it at all. However, preparing for that unavoidable event is actually sensible and practical. Remember, funeral services today are indeed costly, making death a more horrible occurrence for most people. And perhaps you don't want to cause additional worries and stress to your loved ones. Thus, getting a burial insurance creates order even in the most sorrowful time in your family's lives. It allows you to save money for your death and visualize the arrangements for your own funeral. Creepy? Not at all, you should be more afraid of the extra costs that your family will incur if you don't avail of an insurance plan. So, ignore those goosebumps and plan your burial ahead.

The Burial Insurance: Planning for Your Own Funeral

Burial insurance takes care of all the necessary payments associated with your funeral. That includes costs from the embalming or cremation process to the actual burial. Additional benefits such as a Minister, flowers for the funeral, payment of legal and cemetery fees are also covered. This way, you can choose all the arrangements for your funeral in advance.

Burial Insurances are available for everyone, whether you are a sick person or a very healthy individual. Since death is completely inescapable, you need to plan for it now, even if you classify yourself as perfectly fit.

Coverage of Expenses

  • The Costs for the Cemetery Plot
  • The Casket or Urn
  • Funeral Service
  • Legal Fees
  • Minister
  • The Costs of Cremation
  • Embalming

Checklist in Choosing a Burial Insurance Plan

- The Maximum Costs of a Burial Insurance: This factor is usually determined by your health, as categorized by an earlier medical exam. Most insurance companies offer $5000 to almost $50 000 premiums. However, this may also change depending on several other factors. Ask different insurance companies about the costs and compare their offers.

- The Coverage: To be able to understand the insurance plan, you need to know the coverage and limitations of the burial insurance. The costs covered by most insurance plans are listed earlier.

- Easy Issuance of Benefits: Remember to look for an insurance policy that allows immediate issuance of benefits. Most companies guarantee easy access of benefits provided that the client submits all the important documents.

- Premium Rates: Consider the rates set by the company. Most insurance plans today have fixed premiums. However, there are also quite a lot which increase the rates depending on changes in the economy. It is definitely more practical to purchase from companies which offer a fixed premium rate.

How to Get a Burial Insurance

1. Look for an insurance company and contact an eligible agent.

2. Understand the coverage and terms of the insurance plan.

3. You could also get a burial insurance online.

4. Purchase a burial insurance today.

5. Submit all the required documents to the insurance company.

6. Provide your beneficiary's name and information.

7. Talk to your family about the plan and make sure that they know the coverage of costs and other important information.

Tips for Getting a Burial Insurance

Since buying the plan might not be an easy task, here are some tips to help you know your way around getting a burial insurance.

- Make sure that you'll purchase only from a reliable company. Check out the government's list of certified preneed agencies. Your prospective insurance company should be included there, or else you're in for a possible fraud.

- Specify your preferred funeral home in the agreement.

- Consider other possible options if one of your specified services, cemetery or funeral home is not available.

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