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Affordable Car Insurance for College Students

The college students of today have many things on their minds. They worry about homework, finding a job, and hanging out with their friends among other things. Their lifeline is the car that they drive. However, the thought of buying car insurance for a person under 25 years old makes them cringe. Individuals under the age of 25 pay the highest auto insurance rates and premiums in the nation. Of course it is possible to skip the insurance all together; however, this could lead to a world of trouble. That includes losing your driver’s license, going to jail, financial woes, among playing a game of Russian Roulette with auto insurers. Not to mention the roulette they play with the other drivers on the road, should the undesirable actually occur.

What are the options of getting car insurance if you are a student? The best possibility would be if you can be put on your parents plan and help them with the cost of their premiums. This is a great option, if you are staying with your parents while going to school. The option of being on your parent’s auto insurance plan can save you a bit of money while benefiting from having your car insured. For students who are in school out of the state or want to insure themselves, there are options out there that will save you money.

Driving History - This is possibly the most obvious factor and also the most important once. Since kids today already possess a driver's license before they even have their own car, it isn't surprising for them to have a driving history. Hence, parents would need to advise their children to stay on the safe side of the rules by following traffic regulations. This is crucial as risky actions will be jotted down by officers and the information would be made available to the insurance company. This is a sure way that they would increase the insurance of the parents – sometimes even as much as 100% of the original amount.

The simplest choice would be for you to keep your grade point average above 3.0. most major insurance companies will lower premiums based on that GPA. The premium will decrease further with an achievement that puts you, the college student onto the dean’s list. While you are at it keep your credit score high as well. This is vital for young men, as they are viewed to be a greater insurance risk.

Students who are attending college in a rural area normally pay less than those who live in a larger city. Living near your school or job could also provide a discount on your car insurance. Reconsider that sports car or convertible you are looking at purchasing. Owning a sports car or convertible will cause your car insurance rate to skyrocket. Look for larger and newer cars, where you will get lower car insurance rates. Another way to lower your insurance rates is to find a car that has safety features such as airbags, a car alarm system, and stability system. Driving carefully is also an important part of low insurance rates for your car. If you get a ticket or a citation your car insurance rates will also soar. Keep this in mind with every drive you take.

Driver Safety Seminar - Attending a driver safety seminar voluntarily is also a huge plus for many college students insurance application. Again, this reflects on the responsibility of the individual and shows that they are willing to learn how to become a less risky driver. It has to be done voluntarily and not because the court ordered it or because it’s a requirement for getting a drivers license.

It's always a good idea to comparison shop to secure the best rates. Finding a qualified insurance agent is incredibly beneficial for a student to find a rate that is affordable. Furthermore, if you take a drivers safety course, you can also secure a lower insurance rate for your car. You can ask your insurance agent which courses qualify.

These are just some of the ways that students can save money on their car insurance. Insuring your car doesn't have to be a financial nightmare, if you take these steps to find and secure a good rate.

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