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How to Purchase Car Insurance for The Elderly

Studies have shown that accidents involving elderly people over the age of 75 have caused more deaths and injuries on the road compared to any other age group. That is why before you consider purchasing car insurance for elderly drivers, it is important that you look at several areas to ensure the safety of the driver and the other people on the road.

You have to know the signs to look for in your elderly loved one that may show if there is an actual decline in his or her driving skills. It is also important to research if you can get better rates on car insurance for the more senior drivers in spite of posing a higher risk for insurance companies.

Though senior drivers have decades of experience in driving, they are also prone to the decline of physical and mental capabilities needed while on the road. They may know all the safety and rules when driving, but this decline is something that comes with age and can barely be prevented as the person gets older. It is a normal occurrence and the body's way of saying it has done enough work in a lifetime.

If you have an elderly loved one who is still driving, it is important that you look for these signs that may affect theirs and other people's safety while they are driving. Here are some of the things you should look at when evaluating the capabilities of your elderly driver especially if he or she is over the age of 65.

- Reaction time - research has it that as a person gets older, the response time in performing certain actions slows down as you get older. This might affect their ability to step on the brakes when they need to or react to difficult situations on the road.

- Mobility - we need flexibility in driving. However, as we get older, there are certain conditions that hinder our mobility. These medical conditions may hamper one's full range of motion and become a hazard to road safety.

- Medications - these can affect the overall composure of the person behind the wheel. Some drugs can make you feel lightheaded or drowsy which is not good especially when driving.

- Vision and hearing - as we age, there is significant loss in hearing and vision. This can greatly affect the driver especially when they drive at night. The changes in peripheral and depth of vision can certainly affect the person's ability to clearly see distant and nearby objects.

It is very important to discuss these things with your elderly loved one before even considering purchasing car insurance for elderly drivers. When you find the right time, talk to the person concerned. They may have some difficulty accepting the loss of their independence, but this is not a subject that should stay in the sidelines. Their safety is the primary concern here.

On the other hand, if you have proven that their capability in driving has not been compromised by their age, you can now start looking at discounted options for senior car insurances. If the person is a member of the American Association of Retired Persons or AARP, he or she can also receive discounts on car insurance products and services.

Most insurance companies offer about 10% discount on car insurance for elderly drivers. The ages considered for this discount are between 50 to 55. You might see some relative increase in insurance rates after the age of 55.

The important step you need to take is to speak to your car insurance agent as soon as possible. Ask advice on how to reduce costs in purchasing car insurance for the elderly. Your agent might suggest some tips for you to help you get lower rates. One of them would be to encourage the senior driver to take additional defensive driving lessons. You can also offer to combine your home and car insurance in the same insurance company to get better deals.

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