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Theft Protection Devices and How Auto Theft Affects Car Insurance Rates

Car theft is a problem everywhere in the United States, not just those major cities that most people commonly associate with car theft. The person that is wanting to protect themselves from having to experience their vehicle being stolen will find that there are many useful theft protection devices on the market that the person can utilize in order to make their car something that thieves are not going to want to steal since it would take too much time or cause people to see them. In terms of price for theft protection devices, the person will find that there are those that are going to be priced rather low, while other can range into hundreds of dollars. The person simply has to know what they can afford and then look at their options.

Consider Anti-Theft Protection Devices

One of the cheapest theft protection devices on the market is a steering wheel or brake pedal lock. These locks are going to be something that the person carries the key for on their key ring and can only be opened by them. The thief does not want to take the time that it would take in order to pick the locks on these items since it does increase their chances of being seen by someone stealing the car.

There are also those devices that the person can get that are plugged into the computer of the car and if there is something that happens in which the car is turned out, yet there is no key that is used, the owner of the car will have a pager that goes off warning them that their car is being violated. The person can then contact the necessary law enforcement and if their luck holds, they could catch the person in the act, getting one more thief off of the streets. The pager that the person will have is usually in the form of a keychain and is not going to be something that is obtrusive to carry. It can blend easily and be small enough that people are not going to feel as though they are carrying around such a big hassle.

Other people find that some of the manufacturer anti-theft devices are something that is going to deter the thieves before they strike. Most new model vehicles are going to have a special key that must be used in order to start the car. This key has a smart computer chip in it that is going to allow the car to start and keep going. If the car were to be hotwired in order to start, it would start, but then everything would shut down almost immediately. It can decrease the chances of the person getting anywhere with the vehicle and these cars are so smart that they are usually contacting law enforcement officials in order to apprehend the individual. Some cars even go so far as to lock the doors so that the person cannot get out until law enforcement officials are there.

Car Theft and Insurance Rates

Once the person has these devices in place, they are going to notice that not only are that at less of a chance in having their car stolen, but their insurance rates are going to be affected as well. The more security that a person has on their car, the lower that their rates are going to be in most cases. Of course, the driving record of the person is a big factor as to what they pay, but the security features on the car can be something that saves them around ten to twenty percent with most companies. It is vital that when getting car insurance and the question arises as to what type of security devices that the person has in place that they list each and every security device that they use in order to ensure that they are given credit for having this.

Those newer cars that are going to require more insurance are going to feel the discount more than if the person were to have an older car that has these security features in place. Yet, in both cases, the discount is something that can help the person out a bit. In regard to the rates that people pay if their car were to get stolen, they are going to find that their rates could almost double. In the eyes of most insurance companies once the person experiences a theft that they are at an increased chance to have this happen again. Thus, the person could see increases from paying a hundred dollars a month to two hundred a month.

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