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Direct General Insurance Company

Direct General Insurance Company Direct General Car Insurance Company is a private financial services company that offers a great deal of car and motorcycle insurance policies as well as other financial products. The company has over 400 offices in 13 states that include Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, and more. Direct General has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. For motorists, the company offers coverage to both low risk as well as high risk drivers. In addition, drivers with bad credit or a checking account can also avail of numerous car and motorcycle insurance packages offered by the company. Therefore, if you have been denied coverage by another provider, you ought to consider trying Direct General.

An increasing number of consumers have turned to Direct General for car insurance and motorcycle insurance due to their fiercely competitive rates and flexibility in offering customized insurance plans. The company works towards providing some of the lowest premiums regardless of a driver’s credit score or driving record. They accept consumers without a checking account or credit card. Besides, Direct General offers a number of flexible payment plans. In terms of customer support, the company is backed by a solid customer service team available around the clock at any of their 400 locations.

Direct General offers its customers the option of choosing their premium due date in order to avoid any financial difficulties. They also have flexible pre-payment and monthly payment options, where customers can make payment in full if they desire to. However, there is also the option of making flexible down payments and lower monthly payments. Even though their presence is only limited to 13 states in the country, Direct General has carved a niche for itself in the insurance market. Since the company offers high risk car insurance, motorists that fall in this category are at a great advantage when it comes to purchasing a policy.

Phone: (877) 463-4732
Claims: (877) 463-4732

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