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What Is The Difference Between Standard and Non-Standard Car Insurance?

If you are a driver, then you can either apply for standard or non-standard car insurance. A car insurance policy is actually used to cover you, as the driver of a car, if ever you suffer from injuries after facing an accident, the car if it has been damaged by accidents or fire and injured third parties after a car accident. The approval of your application in either standard or nonstandard car insurance is actually based on your ability as a driver.

Understanding the Standard Car Insurance Coverage

The standard coverage for car insurance actually covers all aspects related to car insurance. But you have to know that the standard insurance policies may vary from one insurance company to another. The standard policies are known to be based strictly on state laws. The standard policy, in general, offers complete coverage for the damages suffered by the car owner and the insured vehicle. If you are thinking of purchasing a standard car insurance coverage, then you have to bear in mind that it differs in a lot of ways from a basic car insurance policy. You can expect the two to vary from each other based on the cost and the benefits offered. The standard policy is known to be more expensive so if you are someone who only has a few assets, then you should just consider getting the basic insurance.

The standard car insurance coverage is known to be perfect for you if you are one of those car drivers who have little or no violations when it comes to driving. It is also proven to be perfect for you if you only face little or no accidents at all. This means that for you to get the standard insurance, you must have a vast driving experience. The best thing about shopping for standard car insurance is that it is proven to be fast and easy. You can purchase a good coverage just by browsing the internet. However, you have to make sure that you conduct your research in the most comprehensive manner possible. You are also advised to do the selection process carefully. You should get quotes from different companies and compare each one to ensure that you get the best insurance policy for you.

What is Non-Standard Car Insurance Coverage?

Unlike the standard car insurance coverage which is designed for competent and low risk drivers, the non standard car insurance is designed for those who can't qualify for the standard insurance because of their adverse driving records, lapse in coverage, age and non standard vehicle. This insurance is perfect for high risk drivers who have serious driving violations including careless driving or DUI. Because of the violations of these drivers, they will have a hard time qualifying for the standard insurance. This especially holds true for those who already have too many tickets and chargeable accidents on their records within a period of two to three years. The non standard car insurance is around to ensure that these drivers still get the chance to obtain insurance even if they do not qualify for the standard coverage.

People who are usually placed under the non standard car insurance coverage are teenage drivers. Teenagers, especially the teenage boys, are known to have the worst records in terms of safety and tickets. This is the main reason why they do not qualify for the standard coverage. If you are a parent of a teenager, then the best way for you to protect your child is through your own policy. However, this move will cause you to pay higher on your car insurance.

The non standard car insurance coverage is also perfect for those drivers whose driving records are below average or for those who drive high value or high powered cars. This people are forcefully placed under this type of insurance until they are able to improve their driving records. Most insurance companies usually check out driving records after about two to three years and this is done to evaluate the performance of the driver and to figure out if the driver holds a lot of risk when in the road. However, if a driver has been charged of DUI, then this will stay in his driving records for at least ten years. This will make it difficult for him to get a standard insurance for that ten year period.

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