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DUI Auto Insurance - A Dangerous And Costly Combination

Due to the increasing number of drunken driving cases that result to death and serious damages to property, laws have become stricter in order to avoid these accidents from happening. DUI and auto insurance is not the greatest of combinations and it is definitely not the cheapest. After being convicted of driving while under the influence of intoxicating elements such as liquor or prohibited drugs, you can expect to have a very hard time securing insurance for your car because you are essentially considered a dangerous element in the streets especially when behind the wheel.

Dealing with DUI and car insurance is particularly difficult so the first step to take is gathering information regarding how you can secure insurance for your car despite your conviction. What happens when you are proven guilty of DUI is that your license to drive will be revoked, your car insurance is cancelled, or have a very significant increase in the premiums. The last two are the usual responses of auto insurance companies to protect themselves from having to shoulder the damages caused by a known drunk driver.

When you encounter this problem, your solution is to purchase another insurance coverage but this time it will be a very specific policy that covers only people who have been convicted for a DUI offense. This insurance coverage is one that has a very high premium and there are very stringent conditions that have to be met for you to even qualify for it.

DUI and auto insurance should be taken very seriously and there are a lot of stipulations that you have to adhere to so that you can maintain the insurance policy. What is really tricky is keeping up with the premiums because you might not exactly have the kind of resources that will accommodate this highly costly expenditure. Auto insurance companies will do everything within their powers to ward off irresponsible drivers who are likely to get into trouble on the road and they are pretty creative with their safety measures.

Although it is possible for you to secure new car insurance, you will have to look for auto insurance that will be willing to take you on as a client seeing as you are not exactly what they consider good for business. Try compare rates for companies online and look up their quotes or better yet, make a personal visit when you can to carefully understand the terms that they are offering in such dire circumstances.

It really helps to be a responsible driver on the road so if you can avoid getting drunk at all before driving a vehicle, do so. There are a lot of things that can go bad for you if you make a habit out of taking the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or other substances that alter your judgement and lower your reflex actions. Keep on the right side of the law so you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting new insurance that will cost you a lot.

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