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The Expert's Guide to Getting Auto Insurance for DUI/DWI Drivers

DUI and DWI are acronyms used to refer to the act of driving under the influence or driving while you are intoxicated or impaired. This is known to be a serious offense which requires you to pay huge penalties. If you are charged of DUI and DWI, then you will need to abide with stricter driving restrictions aside from paying huge fines. Your driver's license may also be suspended and you will end up getting multiple arrests that may lead to imprisonment. The worst part about being charged with DUI or DWI is that you will have a more difficult time getting a car insurance. It is because the insurance rates for DUI drivers are considered to be higher. Because of this, you need be very serious in your search for an affordable insurance.

After being charged of DUI, it is important for you to look for a way in order to legally get your license back. You should also start to learn the basics of getting an affordable insurance even if your driving records have a DUI mark. Bear in mind that most insurance companies prefer to approve the insurance application of those drivers who have clean records and do not have any accident history. There are only a few specialized or non-standard companies who offer reasonably priced coverage to convicted drivers. Because of this, you need to be willing to conduct your research in a more comprehensive way as this will bring you closer towards saving more on your insurance.

If your car is already insured before you are convicted of DWI, then you will be assigned automatically into a special high-risk group after the conviction. This will cause your premiums to rise up to four hundred percent. You may be required to pay these high rates for several years or until the rates start to reduce. There are also cases when your insurance company will automatically cancel your policy right after the drunk-driving incident.

After being charged of the offense, you have to make sure that you immediately contact your insurance provider so you can get an SR-22 certificate. This is important in removing the suspension of your driver's license and in proving that you own an insurance policy. The problem with getting this certificate is that this will automatically bring you into the special high risk group created by your insurance provider. This may cause your policy to be cancelled or cause you to become ineligible to renew your policy once the term ends.

In your attempt to get a new insurance after your previous policy is cancelled due to the DUI charge, you have to bear in mind that most insurance providers operate on a risk assessment basis. This means that if the insurance providers perceived that you have higher risks of facing car accidents, then there is a great possibility that they will give you higher premium rates after deciding to grant you a policy. But you also have to know that there are also insurance companies that can offer DUI insurance at more reasonable prices.

In order for you to get an affordable DUI insurance, you should consider seeking help from smaller companies that focus on providing this type of policy to the public. Smaller companies are capable of providing you high risk coverage without asking you to pay higher on premiums. Just make sure that you pick that which is suitable enough for your needs.

You should also consider getting quotes from multiple insurance companies. This will make it easier for you to choose which among the insurance providers can offer you the best service at the lowest price. Because there is a great chance that national insurance companies won't consider granting your application and if they do, you will be charged highly inflated rates on your premiums, then it is advisable for you to go for more specialized companies. You can find companies specializing in providing insurance to DUI convicted drivers by going online. Once you have a list of these specialized insurance providers, you can start requesting for quotes. It is also advisable for you to pick a provider which is focused on effectively handling DUI insurance cases. You should also consider taking additional driving classes voluntarily. Although there is no proof that this move can lower your insurance rates, this allows you to prove to insurance companies that you are serious in improving your driving abilities.

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