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Factors Affecting You Motorcycle Insurance Premium

Getting a motorcycle insurance coverage that is affordable yet comprehensive is easy when you know how to look for one. There are a lot of these coverages offered by various insurance companies with different coverages apart from the basic liability cover. You have to get one that will give you the coverage that you need depending on your usage of your motorcycle. Apart from the basic liability cover, you can also get coverage for comprehensive damage, medical expenses, and emergency roadside assistance. The more coverages you include in your motorcycle insurance policy, the higher your premiums are. The benefits, however, are much higher than what you pay in premiums every year. If you are a safe driver, you might find that the total premiums you pay every year would rack up to an amount that would be much higher than what you are covered for. This should not stop you from getting the kind of coverage that you need. What is not often factored in is the intangible benefit of having the peace-of-mind that you will have the financial assistance that you need at the time you need it most. This kind of feeling of being protected at all times is not something that you could attach a particular price tag to.

Knowing what factors to look out for when getting your motorcycle insurance coverage will help you in trying to lower the premiums that you will have to pay for your coverage. These factors are quite basic and would apply even for vehicles other than motorcycles. The risk factors that are considered by motorcycle insurance companies would include:

1. Make and model of your vehicle. The newer the model of your motorcycle is, the higher the premiums that are charged to cover it with motorcycle insurance. Flashy sports bikes and speedsters are considered to be of higher risk and are therefore levied higher motorcycle insurance premiums as well. Going for older and much safer models would be a good choice if you are looking for long-term financial viability for your motorcycle maintainance.

2. Your age and your driving record. Keeping your driving record clean no matter how young or old you are can earn for you the privilege of getting lower motorcycle insurance rates. In all vehicle insurance products, age does matter a lot. Those who are younger and have less driving experience at their hands are considered to be of higher risk by insurance companies. Those who are young should try and keep their driving record clean of any traffic violations. Taking special motorcycle driving lessons offered by your state Department of Motor Vehicles could also compensate for the lack of experience of younger drivers.

3. The storage facility and the regular usage of your vehicle. As motorcycles are much more convenient subjects of theft and vandalism, keeping them in a garage or a secure storage facility when not in use is a factor that is considered by most motorcycle insurance companies in determining the premiums for the coverages. Using your motorcycle for short distance travels or only for short periods of time within a year would be a great way to negotiate for lower premiums.

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