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Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quotes and Coverage

Recreational vehicle insurance (RV Insurance) is designed to protect recreational van and RV from damages. There are different types of recreational vehicle insurance including class A, class B and class C insurance. Class A insurance protects coach built RV or integrated RV. Class B insurance offers coverage for camper RV. Class C insurance offers protection for the mini RV. Coach built RV weights about fifteen thousands to forty five thousands pounds and has a length of 45 feet. The coverage for the conventional motor home RV is the most expensive. Conventional motor home is often used as a mobile home. Camper van is used for camping purposes so it has a lower premium cost. Mini RV is charged with the least premium cost.

If you own a recreational vehicle, it is important to get recreational vehicle insurance. Most states in America require recreational RV owners to have RV insurance coverage. If you live in New Hampshire, it is not a requirement to purchase liability insurance. Each state has different requirements on the RV liability insurance. Liability insurance is usually stated in three numbers including 50/30/50. The three types of liability insurance policies that you must purchase include bodily injury insurance and property damage insurance. Bodily injury insurance offers protection against the injuries of the victims in the accidents. Property damage insurance protects the properties from damages.

GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) insurance will pay out compensation if your RV is stolen by a thief. Comprehensive insurance protects your RV from damages that are not caused by collision. For example, if your RV is damaged due to weather or wildlife, comprehensive insurance policy will pay the compensation.

If you did not purchase collision insurance for your RV, you can buy the uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. The uninsured motorist insurance offers protection against motorist that is not insured. Uninsured motorists don't carry insurance for their vehicles so their insurance company cannot pay you the damage cost. Underinsured motorist insurance can protect you from drivers that are under insured. Underinsured drivers have insurance but they are insufficient. It is important to get uninsured motorist coverage in your RV insurance because many drivers are uninsured. There are more than 20% of drivers that are not insured in some states.

Besides, you should get the personal injury protection coverage. The personal injury protection coverage pays for your medical charges. You also get compensation for your wages if you are unfit to go to work. Many insurance companies also provide allowances for services such as maid service, baby sitting, grocery and etc.

For protection against serious damages, make sure you buy the total loss replacement coverage. The total loss replacement coverage will pay for the cost of a new RV if your RV is damaged to the point that it is irreparable. The emergency expense coverage offers compensation for the hotel and transportation fee. When shopping for RV insurance, you must check the insurer to see if it is stable financially. In this way, you will be able to get reimbursement after filing a claim. Besides, the insurer should have a 24 hours claim hot line that you can call in the event of an accident.

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