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Homeowners Insurance Agent: Trusted or Not?

In choosing the right insurance protection and financial security, certain factors require serious attention in order to enjoy long-term security. In fact, one survey conducted by the IIABA or Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers in America revealed the following:

- 3 out of 4 consumers who avail insurance rely on home insurance agent in buying personal insurance.

- More than 60% of their respondents say that they greatly value discussion opportunities about insurance with real person than researching online.

- More than half of the insurance consumers who are beyond age 55 have bought insurance from their trusted agent for the last 20 years.

Aside from purchasing the best insurance deal possible, long-term relationship with an insurance agent is also an important factor when it comes to insurance purchases. But identifying the most reputable insurance agent may take you some time especially when they start business-talking you around with smooth flowing conversations.

So if you're looking for an insurance agent to turn to, you may want to consider the following suggestions first:

- Independent Agents. If you're looking for a fast and easy way to compare insurance prices, then consider independent agents for this job. Independent agents are a special type of home insurance agent that is not exclusively owned by an insurance company.

On the average, these independent agents represent at least five to eight different insurance companies – and not just one. These agents can easily evaluate and compare insurance products of several insurance companies, so it's best to start off with them than with agents working exclusively for one company.

- Consider the years of the agency and the agent. It is important to consider the number of years the agency and the agent have already been in the insurance business.

You can easily identify a good home insurance agent through the number of years this agent has been around, so remember to include this to your note.

Highly consider agents who have already been in the business for at least 10 years or more. They are more experienced, and are more familiar with the business.

One effective way of verifying a home insurance agent's longevity in business is by contacting the Insurance Department.

Insurance Departments hold all records on all of their agents including complaints and previous sanctions. This is also one way of verifying the identity and authority of your insurance agent.

- Consider only insurance agents who attend to your needs first before pushing any insurance product. Insurance agents like this want nothing more than winning your business and pushing their product.

If an insurance agent takes the initiative and the time to ask you about your current lifestyle, your goals, and your family, then that is one insurance agent that is really trying to understand your situation fully, enough to offer the most suited insurance plan for you.

Most importantly, insurance agents should ask about your health too, since this is the center of life insurance. Agents who will ask you about your health condition is also one positive sign that your insurance agent knows what and where he is going.

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