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Are You Paying Too Much on Your Home Insurance - Reduce Premium by Avoiding Claims

Every homeowner is aware of the fact that the key to saving on premiums is to make fewer or no claims. The ‘no claims’ bonus is a big attraction and most homeowners hope that they don’t need to make any claims. Home insurance premiums can turn to be heavy on the pocket if claims are made frequently. Moreover, it becomes harder to find inexpensive homeowners insurance quotes. Taking appropriate safety measures to keep your home secure is advisable rather than making frequent claims. The old adage prevention is better than cure is apt in this situation. Remember, insurance providers prefer people whose homes are at a lesser risk and are more likely to offer cheaper homeowners insurance quotes.

What You Must Know to Reduce Home Insurance Premium?

Following a few preventive measures will reduce you chance of having to make insurance claims.

To begin with make sure you home is not a fire hazard. Storing gasoline, wood, and other inflammable material increases the risk of a fire that can wreck your home. Insurance providers will not be inclined to offer lower homeowners insurance quotes if they find hazardous material lying around your home. Take care not to overload electrical sockets by using not more than one appliance on a socket. Fire extinguishers and a smoke alarm are essential. Keeping an extinguisher at every level within your home will give insurance providers the impression that you are conscientious about the safety of your home.

Keep a written inventory of your personal property within your home. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to claim homeowners insurance, especially in the event of theft. Photographic and video evidence is also advisable, and won’t leave any room for doubt in the mind of the insurer. Once again, prevention is better than cure.

If you install a burglar alarm, and secure every door and window with bolts and deadlocks thereby making your home inaccessible to burglars, you won’t need to make any insurance claims for burglary.

The more safety measures you adopt the more likely you are to receive lower homeowner’s insurance quotes.

By taking extra precautionary measures, you are also protecting yourself from liability insurance claims. Anyone who may be injured on your property may file a claim against you. Insurance companies do keep this in mind when offering homeowners insurance quotes.

A great way to receive sound and timely advice is to approach a homeowner’s insurance agent, who would be in a better position to help you avoid filing insurance claims. This will result in a significant saving on premiums.

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