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Comprehensive Guide to Insuring Your Teen Driver

First things first, parents want to make sure that their teenage kid will have the security of insurance. But as a parent you'd better prepare yourself for the cost since teen car insurance has a higher premium cost than experienced drivers do. This is because teen drivers are considered high risk for meeting accidents on the road, drunk driving and other stuff. Of course, you are still entitled to discounts and privileges offered by some insurance companies like "good student" discounts but you need to have proof that your son or daughter is a good driver and student in school. And since you are concerned about having your teen driver insured to make sure he or she is covered during an accident here's what you should do.

- Enroll your kid to a special driving education program - Although this is optional in some states, if your kid passed a driving education test he or she is automatically entitled to discounts and even a lower premium rate. On the other hand, this is also a way to get an immediate response from auto insurance companies and give their willingness to have your teen driver insured.

- Keep record of your teenage kid's good school records - A good school record is not only useful in getting insurance discount but it is also very useful in gaining the trust of the insurer to approve your policy.

- Get a driver's license or driver's permit - In some states a driver's permit will do but in other states, a driver's license is a requirement before anyone can be insured.

- Include your teenage kid in your car insurance policy - Instead of paying for two separate car insurance policies simply include your teenage kid in your policy. This is financially practical and better than getting a separate one for your kid. However, if your teenager is already 18 years old, with a good job and lives away from home you can still negotiate an arrangement with your insurer provided your child lives in the same state as you do.

- Your teenage child is still under curfew - Most teenage drivers are cocky not to go home past midnight especially when they are already under an insurance policy and a license. But since they are inexperienced drivers and minors (17 and below) they are still under a curfew. They can be sent home by authorities to avoid accidents and becoming victims of criminals who prey on teenagers.

- Drunk driving - if your teen is caught drunk while driving he or she is still held accountable for the act. A DUI charge will greatly affect your insurance policy. Especially on the event of an accident, your teenage child's actions can cause your premiums to rise significantly.

- Get a simple car for your teen - Don't let your teen's imagination go wild by giving in to his wants to avoid accidents, car theft and other risks. The less flashy car and higher consumer safety rating is what you need to make sure that the premium your insurer will offer you is low.

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