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Interesting Facts on Why Women are Better Drivers than Men

Are Women, better drivers than men? This article was not written to polarize opinion between men and women, rather it is a collection of statistical facts, gender based response, as well as virtually unquantifiable but real life situations to known driving situations that tend to show women drivers in a better light.

Aggressive Driving

Defined as driving in a manner which tend to increase the likelihood of causing injury or damage to another. Examples, are driving fast, tail gaiting, unwarranted or improperly timed overtaking, etc. Here are the facts and figures:

- Statistically speaking men between the ages of 2o to 30 meet with more vehicular accidents involving speeding and overtaking, than women. Ask any automobile insurance company, ask the DMV or ask your local highway patrol officer and the answer will be the same.

- Aggressive behavior may be brought about by men having more testosterone than women which is known to be a trigger for aggressive behavior.

- Historically speaking men are also more aggressive than women. Have you watched the movie 300? The men go to war and the women are left to tend to the welfare of the household.

- In the animal kingdom the male population of the species, especially the alpha males are extremely territorial and anybody who steps into their territory will be subject to competition and aggressiveness.

- Reality check: When was the last time you sat beside or behind the wheel of an angry motorist, cursing and swearing or driving like the road was theirs? Chances are you were with a male driver.

Attention Span

Defined as the amount of time an individual can focus on a single thing without experiencing substantial distractions. Everyone knows that driving is a full time endeavor and distractions like scantily clad individuals, cellular phones, tuning in to the next FM station, etc., are all driving hazards. Here are a few facts and figures:

- Statistically speaking men who talk on their cellular phone tend to meet with road accidents more than women. Some experts believe that women have better attention spans in that they can do more than one thing at the same time while men haves shorter and less developed attention span and can usually deal with one thing at a time.

- Attention span is linked to estrogen. Estrogen production is more pronounced in women than men, hence some individuals conclude that women have better attention span than women.

- Historically speaking, women have better attention span than men. That is why most corporations, especially a few years back, preferred female secretaries to work with male executives who have a harder time dealing with schedules.

- Have you ever see your dad do three things at once? Do not include watching TV, eating and drinking. Now, have you ever seen your mother do three things at once? Say for example, cook dinner, watch TV and talk on the telephone.

Following the Rules

Traffic rules are there for a reason. Tail gaiting, speeding, overtaking, swerving, proper parking, etc are all examples of traffic rules and regulations. Due to several factors men tend to follow their own rules and women tend to follow rules better and longer.

- Statistically speaking and taking into consideration the fact that there are more male drivers than female drivers, men are more prone to get traffic tickets than women.

- Estrogen is also considered a very important factor in terms of obedience to rules and regulations. Studies show that the higher the estrogen levels the more obedient and pliable a person is because they tend to think more calmly. Again, estrogen is more concentrated on women than men.

- Historically and culturally women were given more rules to follow than men. In addition rule breaking for women tend to be punished more severely than men, hence women have been preconditioned to follow the rules.

- When was the last time you saw your dad or your brother or your guy friend beat a red light? Now when was the last time you saw your mom or sister or woman friend beat the red light? Chances are your answer will be that your men folk have more recently and more frequently violated this simple traffic rule.

Statistics and facts are a set of conditions and a set of answers to go with those conditions. While these facts and statistic show women are better drivers you can be sure that another statistic or set of facts show men as being better drivers. Here is a question though, if women are better drivers why don't they drive more?

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