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Men vs. Women - Who File Car Insurance Claim More

As you all know, there's always a battle between the sexes about who the best driver is - men or women? But when it comes to insurance policies, it is not about who the best driver is but who is the good one at following traffic rules.

Before we proceed further, many of you might be wondering what an insurance claim is, right? Well, an insurance claim is the actual application for insurance benefits which an insurance company provides. Filing for an insurance claim is done by the policy holder before money can be released by the insurer. This is forwarded so that money can be distributed to the repair shop or to other contracted services.

According to studies, men are more likely to file insurance claims compared to women. The reason behind it is because men have a higher risk in meeting an accident on the road compared to women drivers. This is also the belief of insurance companies and whether you like it or not, this is the reason why men pay higher premiums than women regardless of their clean record.

Unfair? To an insurance company; it is not. Women drivers in general have a higher sense of respect when it comes to traffic rules and regulations. There are more arrests among men for driving under the influence, not wearing seatbelts and speeding. That's not all most women have no use for fancy, flashy cars unlike men who think that the flashier their car is the better.

In general, men ages 25 and below are considered high risk by their insurance companies. They express this belief by placing a higher insurance premium to these men. However, a recent study revealed than men of all ages are equally at risk in meeting highway accidents.

But what about those men who have a good driving record, aren't they considered low risk? The answer is no. It may sound unfair and even unjustifiable but clearly, insurance companies are quite aware of the fact that more men drivers get involved in traffic rule breaking, accidents and car theft. If you're a family man above 25 years of age living in one of the safest neighborhoods and haven't had any accidents or even a speeding ticket in your life, there's still no guarantee you will have a lower premium. The price you pay for your insurance policy is still as much as what the reckless driver pays for his.

However, this difference between policies among men and women is gradually decreasing. Some recent studies show that women can become aggressive on the road too because of the stress that driving imposes on them. And accidents among women drivers are also becoming higher. The fact is, it seems a bit unfair to judge a person's ability and skill to drive and follow rules according to their gender. Although it is a proven fact that more men get involved in car accidents and other hazards on the road this doesn't mean that women don't.

At the end of the day, gender really has nothing much to do with the risks involved in driving a car. Men and women are both equally exposed to the hazards of driving and insurance companies should not only look at the gender when approving policies and claims.

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