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Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

It is undeniable that a good number of road accidents today are due to motorcycles. Some riders and their passengers are fortunate to be spared, yet some are injured, but worst, there are those who died. It is a sad reality on road accidents. Actually, every motorcycle accident can be prevented and avoided. People just have to follow the following motorcycle safety tips.

Motorcycle safety tip #1: Check bike before the ride. Before riding a motorcycle, always check its tires, wheels, the pressure, and possible damages and debris. Ensure also that the levers, lights, and turn signals are all properly functioning.

Motorcycle safety tip #2: Wear a good helmet: Through helmets, head injuries are prevented in 67% of the crashes and 29% in deaths. A helmet must meet the safety standards. It should also be a full-face helmet with face shield to fully protect the eyes and face of a person. Do not buy just any helmet, even used helmets that meet the standards. It may be brittle already, and it will not be a good protective gear anymore.

Motorcycle safety tip #3: Wear protective clothing intended for motorcycle riders. It can provide protection in cases of crashes. It may also serve as a shield from changing weather conditions and flying debris. Wear the clothing in layers. Never ride a bike wearing lightweight pants or shorts.

Motorcycle safety tip #4: Avoid drinking when riding. As with any other vehicles, it is actually a universal rule not to drink when driving, or vice versa. Alcohol impedes a person's judgment, making him unable to drive safely.

Motorcycle safety tip #5: Stay alert. Look ahead on the road but check each mirror as well for cars behind. Anticipate car movements when crossing the road.

Motorcycle safety tip #6: Be visible. As much as possible, always wear bright and reflective clothing. Wear a reflective vest or add a reflective material to the clothing and helmet. Keep headlight on especially at night. Riders should go to lanes where other drivers can see them.

Motorcycle safety tip #7: Follow rules on the road. Before anyone obtains a driver's license, he should know first the rules on the road. If they follow the rules, accidents can be avoided.

Motorcycle safety tip #8: Watch out for hazardous road and weather conditions. Not every road has the same surface texture. There can be railroad tracks, bridge grates, and potholes. There are also unexpected events that may affect the road surfaces such as fluid or oil spills, poured out gravels and sands, rains, and wind storms. Drive at the right speed and never hurry when passing on roads like those mentioned.

Motorcycle safety tip #9: Ride on proper positions on the road. Do not ride between the lanes. It may be wide enough but it can lead to accidents. Do not also share lane spaces with another vehicle. Avoid tailgating as well. Always keep distant from the vehicle in front.

Motorcycle safety tip #10: Take it easy on the curves. Several crashes happen on road curves. Always watch the road ahead and slow down when passing on these roads so as to avoid overshooting and crashes on the road.

Motorcycle safety tip #11: Take care of fuel. Do not ride on the motorcycle gassing up when gasoline is being filled in the gas tank. Be careful and avoid spillage and overfill. Also, avoid placement and spillage of hot exhaust on the gasoline because the gasoline can ignite.

Motorcycle safety tip #12: Brake properly. Equally apply brakes both on the front and the rear. Additional braking time is needed when a rider is fully loaded with gear. Sudden braking can also cause leg stiffening on the pegs.

Observing the tips above does not guarantee 100% prevention of motorcycle accidents. Just follow the above tips on motorcycle safety and everyone will be less likely at risk of any road accidents. Basically, riders should drive defensively but with caution.

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