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Short-Term Health Insurance Quotes

The short-term health insurance provides health coverage for a short period, commonly 6 months to one year. This health insurance can be considered as a great option for students and temporary workers who are not able to avail the full health insurance policies. This can be much favorable economically as compared to long-term coverage insurance plans.

Having a short-term health insurance plan can bring you several benefits that would perfectly fit your budget. The main advantage of getting this type of health insurance is that you can easily avail this insurance policy without having to pay high cost premiums. The short term insurance policy does not cover pre-existing illnesses as compared to the long term insurance plan. This makes the insurance policy much affordable and less risky. Since these policies only cover for just a year only, there is a lesser chance that anybody will get sick. Only few people are making claims in such a policy, which also contributes to the affordability of the insurance plan.

Types of Coverage for Short Term Health Insurance

There are two main types of offers within short-term health insurance plans. Firstly, the PPO plan is the managed care policy that provides the insurance holder to access health services included in the program. This insurance offer enables easy access and discounts with a huge network of clinics, hospitals as well as doctors and specialists.

The second type of offer from short-term health insurance plans is the FFS plan. This is much different from the PPO plan since it allows the insurance holder to be covered for the medical service. There are no specific providers for this insurance policy. The person availing this insurance policy has the freedom to select from any provider as long as it satisfies the terms and conditions of the FFS plan. However, the flexibility of this plan makes it much more expensive than the PPO type of insurance plan.

Eligibility for the Short Term Insurance Plan

There are several conditions to become eligible for the short-term health insurance policy. People who are not more than 65 years of age and do not have any denied health insurance in the past are eligible for the insurance plan. In addition to these conditions, the applicant should not be covered with any other health insurance plans. Having another health insurance policy would forfeit your chance to avail a short term insurance policy. You should also be aware of the physical specifications for this type of health insurance policy such as height and weight if you are planning to avail the insurance services of the short-term health insurance plan.

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