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Things to Consider if Another Driver Crashes Your Vehicle

Do you have a car? If yes, then you need to have car insurance. Car insurance is essential especially if you encountered a vehicular accident. The insurance will be held responsible for paying the damages of your car. But, what if someone else is driving your car when the accident happened? Is it still covered by the policy?

In case, another driver crashes your car, the car insurance policy will still pay for the damages. This is in view of the fact that most car insurance goes after the car and not the driver. This only means that no matter who crashes your vehicle, the policy will still regard the accident as primary coverage. But if the claims go beyond the coverage amount, then, that is the time when the liability insurance of the driver will be appropriate. Moreover, even if someone else is driving the vehicle, you will still be held liable for the accident, thereby resulting in an increase to your car insurance premiums.

Usually, online car insurance policies cover the car, not the person driving the vehicle. When another driver crashes your vehicle, you will be held liable for the actions of that person, except for some circumstances. Your cheap auto insurance will cover only your vehicle in that case. The auto insurance of the other driver will only apply if the damage has gone beyond the coverage amount. So, if someone else is driving the vehicle when the accident happened, you need to inform your car insurance company about it.

However, you must understand that not all cheap car insurance companies will include you in their coverage when another driver crashes your car. There are certain exceptions to this coverage. For instance, there are insurance firms that do not include in their insurance coverage those drivers who are below 18 years of age, except when they are mentioned in your insurance policy. To be sure, you need to check first the car insurance policy of the company, before you let other person drive your vehicle. You also need to consider the insurance policy will not cover you if you have no collision coverage and another driver crashes your car.

Sad to say, if you let someone else drive your vehicle and they encountered accident, the car insurance company will most likely increase your premiums. You are the one to be blamed if something happened to your car, even if someone else wrecks it. You have to understand that car accidents even if you are not at fault will have a great impact to your premiums. There will definitely be an increase in your car insurance rates.

So, the main point here is that you must know the specific terms and conditions of the auto insurance before you get one. It is of the essence that you are familiar with your car insurance plan before you lend out your vehicle to a friend. More often than not, the car insurance coverage follows the car. It also depends if the driver who wrecks you car has car insurance. If he is insured, then your insurance policy will only take effect when there is no sufficient money to settle the claim.

Overall, letting someone else to drive your car can lead to serious financial problems for you. So, before you lend out your car to someone, see to it that you are familiar with the best car insurance policies that would take care of the financial end. If required, consult a car insurance agent regarding the cheapest car insurance that will fit your requirements. You need to review your insurance policy from time to time to make sure that you get the proper coverage that you need, especially in case of auto accident or other claims.

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