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Car Insurance Tips For Safe Driving in Winter Weather

The winter weather usually holds threat to insurance companies and policy holders. That's why it is always a great idea to make sure that your policy includes a winter-accident-coverage to ensure your complete safety. However, since most companies believe that this is the season when accidents often occur, accident coverage is often removed from the policy. And if you're one of those who are not lucky enough to get that privilege here are ways to protect your self from accidents during the winter season.

- Drive slowly - as much as possible do not accelerate when driving in slippery or wet roads. Driving slow means avoiding and thus preventing accidents to occur in your path.

- Make sure your tires are properly inflated or better yet select a really good snow tires - the difference between regular tires and snow tires is that the latter is more flexible and adaptable to road conditions.

- Make sure your gas tank is either full or half full - this is to avoid your gas from freezing due to the winter weather.

- Keep your windshield free from snow - clearing your view by keeping your windshield clean is a good way to avoid accidents on the road. You should always have a good view of what's ahead of you and on both your sides.

- Pay attention to traffic and road signs.

- Slow down instead of giving a full stop if you can.

- Don't forget your brakes.

- Increase you distance from other cars, corners, junctions and other hazards on the road as you drive - Distancing yourself from other drivers is a great way to avoid collisions on the road. Since the roads are often slippery, collisions happen more often than on regular days. So be careful that you are not getting too close to other cars while driving.

- Don't brake in corners.

- Don't forget your antifreeze and washer fluids.

- Be sure that you are updated about the weather conditions before you consider driving down the streets.

- Pack your winter travel safety kit - in case you do meet an accident on the road.

- Make your rest stops more frequent.

- When you encounter a skid don't brake instantly, do it slowly and carefully.

- Maintain your car tuned up - be sure that your car is prepared during the winter season. Check your engines and make sure that you are not in for a winter trouble.

- Always keep your car free from snow.

- Fix leaks and check things like battery and coolant.

These are just some of the most important ways to keep your self and your car safe during the winter season. Of course, there are other means and ways to avoid accidents and collisions on the road. It is important though to keep the basics in mind so that you will be safe during the winter. Never take for granted your safety when driving and most especially, don't put too much trust in your driving skills and even on your type of car. You are safer knowing that you've prepared yourself for this type of weather.

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