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Weather Damage: What Need to Have in Car Insurance Policy?

One of the major reasons why you need to get car insurance is that this allows you to get immediate financial assistance in the event that your car gets damaged and/or injured due to an unforeseen incident. This holds true whether you decide to get that coverage which is mandated by the state or that which serves as a means of protecting you and your vehicle. If you are living in or regularly visiting an area where devastating and unexpected damages are most likely to occur because of the weather conditions, then it is advisable for you to get an insurance which covers weather-related damages. But you should know that there are states that do not require their drivers to get weather-related damage car insurance. If you are living in this state, then you might consider getting a comprehensive insurance as it covers storm damage.

Based on the statement once given by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NLSI), a comprehensive coverage is an optional insurance which is capable of covering those damages caused by other factors other than collision including those that are triggered by weather conditions such as lightning and storm. But you have to know that getting this type of coverage may cause you to pay more. Still, this is a good investment considering the kind of protection that it offers for your car. NLSI also added in its earlier statements that even if your car does not get any visible damage due to a weather-related incident, a diagnostic test may be conducted and this is designed to help you determine if there are electrical damages. Your chosen insurance company will then assess if the electrical damage has been caused by other factors other than the weather-related incident before providing you compensation.

There are several types of weather incidents that are capable of causing a lot of damage to your car. This is the main reason why you need to protect your car from these incidents as much as possible. Before getting an insurance policy, you have to become more familiar about the state or region that you are living in. You have to become aware of the kind of weather conditions that your area is experiencing so you will get an idea about how you can protect your car. The good thing about this is that most auto insurance companies are capable of providing the public with a comprehensive coverage which covers almost all types of storm-related and weather-related damages.

In general, the physical damage can be protected if you can show proof that you have the comprehensive and collision insurance package. But you have to know that comprehensive coverage and collision coverage offer different kinds of protection. Collision will cover those incidents that took place when your car comes in contact with another car or any other inanimate object. The comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, is capable of compensating you when your car faced damages that do not result from a collision.

Before getting a comprehensive insurance, it is advisable for you to get an idea about the kind of weather damages that it compensates. You have to go for that which covers almost all types of weather incidents so you will never have to worry about what you need to do if your car is damaged due to a weather incident other than storm. Your coverage should also be capable of protecting your car against any damages caused by hail stones. The amount of compensation that you will receive from hail damage is usually dependent upon the type of coverage that you own and the specific size of the hail stone that caused damage to your car. You can usually get a cover for hail damage by paying $200 to $500. This cost may vary depending on the features and the quality of the coverage and if it is specifically customized for your car.

Other weather incidents that may cause a lot of damage to your car are snowstorms or freezing temperatures, hurricanes, floods, cyclones, bushfires and any other natural calamities. Although getting an insurance coverage which covers almost all types of weather incidents and natural calamities can cause you to spend more on your insurance, it is still a good investment because you will feel secured knowing that the repairs for your precious car in case of these incidents will be paid by your insurer.

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