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Why Older Women Pay More for Car Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance, older women are known to pay higher premiums in comparison to men. Although women are known to drive less aggressively over men and take fewer risks, you have to bear in mind that at the time they reach 70 or 80, their chances of facing accidents when driving are increased. This is one of the major reasons why the elderly women are required to pay for higher premiums. Because of the high figures of auto insurance for older women, a lot of people consider them as more dangerous when they are behind the wheels.

When applying for auto insurance, younger women are quoted with lower premiums as they are less likely to get themselves involved in crashes or any other car accidents. However, this will no longer be the case when they get older. The difference in cost can either be marginal or significant. Still, a difference is noticeable. The high cost can be attributed to the fact that there is actually a huge increase in the number of female drivers at their old age who meet accidents on the road. Most insurers believe that one of the major reasons why older women are now responsible for more car accidents than men is that they often let men handle more of the driving. When it is already their turn to do the driving because their husband or partner has passed away or has been disabled, they are no longer that confident with their abilities, thereby resulting to accidents on the road.

Older women are also more prone to accidents because of the condition of their health. They face problems like the deterioration of their cognitive ability and worsening eyesight after dark. Most of the accidents faced by older women because of these conditions are parking accidents, scraping the sides of their car against a wall, fender benders and issues linked to reversing. As a means of helping older female drivers reduce the amount that they need to pay for monthly premiums, refresher driving courses are introduced to them. Taking this course allows them to gain more confidence in driving. This is definitely a huge help in improving their driving skills and in reducing the amount of their insurance premiums.

If you are one of the older women who want to avail of auto insurance, then be aware that you can reduce the high cost of your premiums by visiting the many car insurance comparison sites at present. This will allow you to take a look of the different insurance companies that offer auto insurance. Spend time checking all of these companies and find out which among them covers the best policy at an affordable price. By gathering relevant information about each of the insurance providers in your area, then you will be on your way towards getting auto insurance with low monthly premiums despite your age.

It is also important for you to bear in mind that apart from your sex and age, there are still other factors that could affect the cost of your insurance premium. One of these factors is your marital status. If you are married, then expect lower monthly premiums as married drivers are proven to face fewer accidents in comparison to the single ones.

Your personal driving record also matters a lot when applying for auto insurance. The different insurance companies will spend time checking out your driving record which contains relevant information like the years of your driving experience, speeding tickets, accidents and drunk driving offenses. The type of your vehicle is also an important factor in determining the cost of your premium. Things like the value, weight, size and the age of your vehicle will be checked by the different insurance companies.

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