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SR22 Car Insurance Information

SR22 is actually an insurance filing not a proper cover. If a driver is caught without carrying any auto insurance or lesser coverage then required, his/her driving license may be suspended. If drivers are caught, they have to submit a SR22 certificate, which indicates that the insurance cover is adequate and as per requirements of law. Insurer usually submits the certificate on their behalf.

If an insurer submits the certificate, it also has to inform the authorities when insurance policy is not renewed or lapses. There are three basic types of SR22 coverages:

- SR22 car insurance coverage;

- SR22 motorcycle insurance coverage;

- SR22 non owners insurance coverage.

All three covers differ slightly. Non owner's coverage is applicable for drivers who may drive vehicles but do not own any of them. State laws differ a lot so will the requirements for cover. Many insurers refrain from dealing with such polices as they are very high risk polices. The length of time for which a driver will need SR22 certification depends on a lot of things. Few things that determine this period of time are:

- Age of driver;

- Past record of driving;

- Credit history;

- Past driving offences;

- Laws of state.

The SR22 insurance filing ensures that everyone carries some form of insurance while driving. This is especially helpful for errant drivers. SR22 certification is of help for drivers who do not own vehicles but drive occasionally, vehicles owned by others. SR22 insurance filing is a provision provided in almost all states but the amounts vary quite a lot. Some states require that drivers file SR22 insurance filings even if they are moving in from different states. SR22 is for safety of all drivers on road. Once a driver has fulfilled all conditions for SR22 insurance cover he/she can go for additional insurance also. In future also they will not need the certification. It is only a requirement for some period of time. There are many insurers who will assist you with your insurance requirement and SR22 filing as well. You can find many such companies on internet also. In case you have any doubts you can call your current insurer helpline or the agent who had assisted you in getting the insurance. They will give you all relevant information about SR 22 requirements in your state.

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