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State and Insurance Laws Related to Irresponsible Cell Phone Use While Driving

In America alone, there are millions of drivers who get in trouble because of their cell phone use while driving. Based on some statistics, 25% of all car accidents are actually caused by people who are talking or texting on their phones. And because of this alarming number, the state has decided to act against cell phone use while driving.

In California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington DC and the Virgin Islands, a primary enforcement law is in place. This gives a police officer the right to flag down a car and issue a ticket, once they see a driver holding a cellular phone while they are on the road. In addition, a lot of states have also followed by banning texting while driving specially to novice drivers.

Note however, that the government is not the only one that is taking action against "distracted driving" caused by use of cell phones. Several insurance companies have also shown their support. In what way you ask?

Just to have people think twice about driving while texting or fidgeting with their phones, most insurance companies have put in an additional clause in their terms and conditions that if their client, or the insured is given a ticket related to cell phone use while driving, they have the right to raise the insurance premium that their client is paying. And should these "cell phone tickets" be coupled with other offenses, the insured will have to pay more as required. Now if their clients refuse to pay these tickets and if they continue getting more offenses, the insurance company has the option to cancel their coverage of their client's car.

Those are quite serious implications for a seemingly simple offense right? And if you want to not get into trouble, then you better start being responsible. As much as possible, try to avoid the use of cell phones or any hand held devices while you are on the road. Now if you are someone who takes in a lot of important calls that are related to your work, business or family, then consider installing a hands free device in your car. These devices would allow you to continue driving with both of your hands while talking over the phone.

Apart from the hands free devices, you may also want to take precautionary measures like avoiding over speeding. This is important because a novice driver can easily lose control of the wheel once he or she reaches for a ringing phone. In addition, if you feel like you need to talk to someone for a long period of time, just pull-over and take your time talking. Or better yet, just activate your voicemail. This way, you get to drive without any interruptions and distractions and at the same time, you do not get to miss any calls.

Those are the simple things that you can do to avoid cell phone related tickets. Doing those will not only save you a lot of trouble and money but they can also end up saving your life as well.

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